Health & Safety Services

Any Organisation with 5 or more employees is legally obliged to have a written and comprehensive Health and Safety Policy (HSP).
PIRA recommends that every organisation records its position with regard to Health & Safety legislation to help it develop and to allow its employees and customers to recognise its commitment rather than just meeting its Duties.
PIRA Health and Safety Services Limited can provide your company or organisation with a complete Health and Safety Policy, a simple Statement Of Intent (SOI) and or Health & Safety System (HSS) often called a Health and Safety Manual as required.
NOTE :  Each Organisation must display the Statutory Health & Safety Poster within its workplace. safety signs

Each Health & Safety Policy & Manual PIRA creates is tailored to the client companies budget, its internal management structure, it’s organisations needs and legal compliance as required.

The main part of any Health and Safety System (manual) consists of detailed Health, Safety & Welfare Policies, Arrangements, Risk Assessments, Procedures and all the relevant forms to help your organisation with Health, Safety and Welfare compliance and get it on the path to adopting and benefitting from a positive Health and Safety culture.
We are always happy to assist with any Health, Safety or Welfare related enquiry you may have, however large or small - Please call 01803 295510
Prices for our services vary according to your specific needs i.e size of Organisation, its complexity, current compliance and its objectives and are therefore available on application and by discussion.  
For any Organisation, its Health and Safety Manual is only as good as those putting it into practice, PIRA therefore offers a host of additional specialist services to ensure that each business is able to address its specific needs and make Health and Safety work.

Good Health & Safety is Good Business